Large Individual forestry investments over $450k

Invest from NZ$450,000 to NZ$4,000,000+.

These can be either new land developments OR buying existing mid rotation forests.

New land forest developments of over 100 hectares, typically with a budget of greater than NZ$750,000.

Clients commission Arbor to locate suitable properties for forestry development. All necessary feasibility studies, cashflow forecasts, local body applications, management plans and contracts are prepared. Arbor negotiates on behalf of the client for the land purchase. Areas range from 100 hectares to 1,500 hectares.
Arbor Forestry offers corporate and private investors flexibility in forest ownership, tailoring forestry investments to their individual requirements. Forest management will be undertaken by the company's highly qualified and experienced management team.

Purchase of existing mid rotation forests - Budgets greater than $1.0m.

Clients commision Arbor to locate suitable semi mature forests in the North Island.

Arbor works with the vendors agents, completes due diligence on the property. Ascertaining its physical attributes, silvilculture and tending history, growth and volume data and the forests feasibility for harvesting access.

Additionally modelling of future growth to calculate volumes and projected returns at maturity are undertaken, and if requested a forest management cashflow for managing the forest(s) through to harvesting is prepared.

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